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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

College Blanket - Michigan State

Since many of us are in the middle of gift-buying, let's discuss how you buy. Do you buy gifts that you would like yourself? I think I probably do this.  In many cases, I am contacted by women who are tired of seeing a ton of shirts in the closet that their husbands can't seem to part with. I use the shirts to make a blanket for the husband. And my customer is happy that she gets a clean closet! It's a win-win....secretly buying yourself a present! 

This particular blanket is filled with shirts from championship basketball seasons at Michigan State University!  We decided to use a MSU fleece for the backing. I LOVE the plaid (even though it's Michigan State.....) :)  I have only done one other blanket with licensed fleece on the back and that was a Penn State blanket.

The college blankets are a great way to use up old shirts and have a unique stadium blanket for when you go back for games!

If you are interested in a "college blanket", contact me to see if I can get fabric in your college.  Options would include:

Fleece on the back only - 20, 25, Hodge Podge

Cotton sashing on the front and fleece on the back - 9, 12, 16 block

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gift Certificate Giveaway from Maiden Jane!

Welcome!  I am hosting a giveaway this week in conjunction with Sew Mama Sew.  The prize is a $50 Gift Certificate to my shop to be used in 2015.  You can purchase merchandise or use it toward a custom item - memory pillow, T Shirt blanket, baby clothes blanket, or any of the other items I sew.


If you are here for the first time, I'd like to share a little information about me and my business.

I am a custom sewing studio, a manufacturing plant of one.
I sew to meet your needs.
Custom sewing - T Shirt Memory Quilts, Memory Pillows, Totes and more
Finished products include practical solutions for busy families.
Fabric I love:  Classic, retro, eco-friendly, vintage, fun!

Handmade means it passes through my hands - fun for me and quality for you!

You can read more about me here. The short story is that I am an engineer by training, a mom by nature, and a sewist by passion. (Does that make it sound like I love sewing more than my kids?)

To enter my giveaway, you only need to enter your name and email in the form below. International entries are welcome. Please note, the Gift Certificate is for a total value of $50, including shipping. You are welcome to purchase a more expensive item and I will apply the $50 toward your purchase.

Because I am social by nature, I invite you to share one of your social sites with me. I have made friends on Twitter and Facebook over the years and have had so many people encourage me along the way!

I would love it if you connect with me!

Facebook - I usually post one photo per day and it is typically about my latest creation

Twitter - I share links to things I am passionate about - sewing, my business, Cleveland, mental health, to name a few

Pinterest -  I pin things that I love and also showcase my work. I have a lot of sewing boards!

Instagram - I don't have a smart phone!  I do have an Ipod, so I occasionally share a behind-the-scenes look into my studio or family life.

Bloglovin' - I share a lot of my creations on my blog and occasionally share a bit about my personal life. I also love to create sewing tutorials.

Etsy - I have been on Etsy since 2009. You can check out my items and my feedback. I also have a 
website that I am in the process of upgrading.

Ravelry - I love keeping my hands busy, so if I'm not sewing, I'm knitting!

RSS Feed - If you want my blog posts emailed to you!

Newsletter - I send out a newsletter about six times a year that includes my latest tutorials, shop news, and new products.

A few highlights:

If you love to sew, please check out my sewing tutorials.  I love to find "practical, yet pretty" solutions to my home and family needs. I hope I inspire you to sew up something new or old!

I sell a pattern for a T Shirt Quilt Blanket.

I also sell T Shirt Quilt Kits.

I am honored and privileged to work with my customers to create special memory items. Most of the items I have made, originated with a question from my customer.  I love the creative process that it offers me and the tangible memory it provides my customer

One of my most popular items is Custom Baby Clothes Memory Blankets!  A lot of sentimental moms have kept me very busy!  Check out my Pinterest Board to see some examples of these.

Other unique memory items:

Memory Pillow Cases - this pin is going viral!
Clutch and Cowl Made from old Sweater

T Shirt Memory Pillows

Custom Tote Bags Made from Your Child's Design

Tote made from suede coat
T Shirt and Sweatshirt totes
Thanks for letting me share a little bit about myself. Feel free to tell me about you in the comments! To keep the giveaway simple, I am only requiring your name and email!  But I would love it if you would connect with me. And if you want to pin or share something, that would be great, too!

Rules to Enter

- Fill your name and email in the form.
- Open until December 12, 5 PM PST
- Winner will be notified by December 14th and the winner will be announced on this post.
- Prize is for a $50 Gift Certificate from my shop to be used in 2015. International entries welcome. 
- NOTE for all entrants: the prize is for $50 total, not $50 + shipping. $50 will be removed from the total price calculated after shipping has been added. 

Thank you!

Check out all the giveaways on Sew Mama Sew!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Pajama Brick Memory Quilt Blanket

A Pajama Quilt Blanket for a customer who lost her mother. I used a variety of her special knit nightgowns. The brick style works well for a project like this with a wide variety of fabric designs. The backing is a cozy, chocolate minky fleece. I had enough to make her son a blanket, as well. I had a wonderful visit with my customer when she was in town and hope that these special memory items bring her comfort.


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