Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pretty Pink and Gray Guy Baby Blankets and Memory Pillow Cases!

I am in the home stretch! I am sewing up orders to reach deadlines.  I believe my memory pillow is going a bit viral on Pinterest as I have had so many inquiries this past week. Unfortunately, I have closed my holiday orders. I am happy to accept your items, but cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas.

I am sharing two blankets and one set of baby clothes pillows on this post.  Thanks for being patient with me in waiting for your orders. Thanks, also, for being patient with my blog. I am looking forward to my new website which is under development now and hope to have it ready early in the new year.  I also bought a basic embroidery machine and hope to offer embroidery options on my products in the new year, also!

In the mean time, thank you to my customers and readers!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

20 Block Blanket with Blue Dots Backing

Can you tell the college kids are home? Cords everywhere!

My husband and I bought this neat trunk at an antique shop in Ashtabula when we went biking in the harbor town.  I wish I had taken before photos because he did a wonderful job cleaning it up. We found some interesting items inside that are worthy of a Veteran's Day post!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A New Nine Block Baby T Shirt Blanket

I am really excited about this special Baby T Shirt Memory Clothes Blanket!  What a fun way to celebrate the early years of your little one's life! 

My customer sent me 9 shirts and onesies. My other baby clothes blanket uses 36 squares that are 8" each. I decided that it would be fun to feature each shirt on a fabric square.

My customer asked for navy blue and lime green, so I selected a variety of flannel fabrics in those colors.

I  used a bright green minky dot for the backing.

You can see this blanket on my Etsy shop here.

In general, it is best to contact me to discuss your custom needs.  Some things to know:

  • On average, my turnaround time for custom items is two months
  • You do not have to pay until I am ready to ship
  • Once we decide to move forward, I will send you the shipping information
I look forward to working with you!


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