Sunday, November 23, 2014

20 Block Blanket with Blue Dots Backing

Can you tell the college kids are home? Cords everywhere!

My husband and I bought this neat trunk at an antique shop in Ashtabula when we went biking in the harbor town.  I wish I had taken before photos because he did a wonderful job cleaning it up. We found some interesting items inside that are worthy of a Veteran's Day post!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A New Nine Block Baby T Shirt Blanket

I am really excited about this special Baby T Shirt Memory Clothes Blanket!  What a fun way to celebrate the early years of your little one's life! 

My customer sent me 9 shirts and onesies. My other baby clothes blanket uses 36 squares that are 8" each. I decided that it would be fun to feature each shirt on a fabric square.

My customer asked for navy blue and lime green, so I selected a variety of flannel fabrics in those colors.

I  used a bright green minky dot for the backing.

You can see this blanket on my Etsy shop here.

In general, it is best to contact me to discuss your custom needs.  Some things to know:

  • On average, my turnaround time for custom items is two months
  • You do not have to pay until I am ready to ship
  • Once we decide to move forward, I will send you the shipping information
I look forward to working with you!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Movie Suggestions

In my never ending quest for the perfect list tools, I seem to always fail. I have a Favorite Movies board on Pinterest, but I have included movies that I want to see, also, on it. (I guess the simple solution would be to create a "Movies I Want to See" board.) But no, I pin, I "favorite" on my IMDB site, I "save" on my library site and I add them to my Workflowy list.

In other words, I have lists everywhere!

So, I go with the flow. And last night, since there wasn't a good movie on, I worked into the late hours of the evening. I'd much rather enjoy a good movie on a Sunday night. But, instead, I pay $50 per month for cable to see reruns of "Home Alone."

I'm not against a good classic film, but memories of last holiday season scare me. I think we must have watched every showing of Mrs. Doubtfire!

Lately, I've been listening to music while working in the studio. I love selecting the Classical Genre and hitting shuffle. The Mozart Piano concertos, some of the great arias, have me thinking about music and film.

To me, music is a big part of film. I have soundtracks to many of my favorite movies: Becoming Jane, Dances With Wolves, Out of Africa, Anne of Green Gables. And then there are the musicals we have seen over the years. Annie and I made a list of all of the musicals we have seen on stage and it is extensive. I also saw a fair number of operas in my day. They don't always translate well to film.

With my son and daughter coming home for break, I know the house will be filled with piano music again. But I thought I would order some movies from the library that have music as a theme or simply music that I like.  Something on the order of August Rush or Mr. Holland's Opus. I would love your suggestions!  Here are some that I have come up with along with a few suggestions from Twitter friends.

August Rush
Mr. Holland's Opus
The Commitments
Begin Again
La Traviata
La Boheme
The Eddie Duchin Story
Going My Way
Jersey Boys
Mozart's Sister
Sunshine on Leith
The Soloist
The Jazz Singer

Here's to a holiday season with only one viewing of "Home Alone!"

Friday, November 14, 2014

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - A Memory Quilt Made from Ties, Scarves and Linens

This looks like a crazy quilt, doesn't it?  I actually have three of them! A local customer, with a connection from my past, asked me to make them.  First, let me thank Rosemary, a reader and one-woman cheerleader and promoter of my goods!  Thanks Rosemary! She lives in the "old neighborhood" that I grew up in and so many of us love so dearly.  My customer grew up in that neighborhood, too. She actually had the same last name as I did - but we are not related! She lived on the same street, but at the end and on the other side of the boulevard.

Her parents, who passed away, were Irish. She had a bag of their belongings, including ties, Irish tea towels,

and scarves.

She waited patiently (I hate to admit, almost a year) until I got past my busy high school graduation season, and then summer.  A project like this doesn't necessarily take a long time to construct, but it takes a period of time to design. And in my limited studio and home space, that requires a bit of space - both physical and mental.  It would be easy to construct a blanket in the same design as my 9 block or baby blanket. I know the dimensions, the fabric needs, etc.  But in this case, especially since I was making three blankets, there was a lot of design and math involved!

I started by making piles of each type of fabric. I had 12 ties. I originally thought about placing the ties in a radiating design. But then realized the size would be perfect for a lap size blanket and  used them to create a border instead.

I was thinking that the silk scarves were probably worn, folded in half, in a triangular shape and tied under the chin. As a "babushka."  So I wanted to cut those into a triangular shape.

 It was hard to divide the linens into thirds. So I simply cut them into squares.

I used a table cloth as a border for the linens. I was hoping to border the entire blanket in the tablecloth but didn't have enough.

I interfaced the scarves with a lightweight interfacing. I was concerned that they were so thin, they would not hold up to washing. I was also concerned about them stretching on the bias. The interfacing really changed the hand of the fabric, but I think their colorful designs and integrity stands, while improving the strength of the entire blanket.

I am so thankful for the patience of my customer and hopeful that she can give these blankets to her siblings for Christmas gifts.


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