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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are You Tired of My Fall Pictures?

Sigh, as I struggle under a mound of satin and bejeweled organza (pictures by the weekend) on this rainy and dreary day, my kids and I lament the ending of this beautiful fall we've had.  The brilliant sun, the long shadows, the days outside on the swing...all coming to a close.

I love looking out my front window at the lone tree whose fiery leaves will remain long after the first snow flies.

And here is a hut my kids are building out of the tall grasses that are like bamboo in the back.  Will they finish before the weight of the snow crushes it?


  1. I love Fall pictures, especially those gorgeous red leaves. I have a few trees like that outside my bedroom window and have been hoping they'd stick around for a while. The hut is adorable.

  2. One can never see too many fall pictures! It's the best time of year.

  3. That hut is awesome! i love it, my kids would love it, great idea!!!

  4. Stopping in from PEAR. And don't worry - there is never such a thing as too many fall pictures.



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