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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Finished Some Knitting!

I am so happy with these socks.  Not because they are a great work of art, but because they make the third pair of hand knit socks in my drawer!  I admire the sock knitters of the world who can crank out a pair a week.  I'm not capable of that but I so so so love my wool socks!  I feel like such a granny.  Even when we are going out on the town or getting dressed up for a wedding, I find myself wishing I could wear socks and not some awful pair of trouser socks or hose.  (I usually do opt for some kind of dressier sock rather than hose when I wear pants.)  Warm feet = warm body.

These socks are made from Red Heart "Heart & Sole" purchased from Herrschner's.

This photo's for Marie, who thought my first photo of this sock (posted on Ravelry) was taken overlooking my back yard.  I only wish my back yard was the Atlantic Ocean!  No, this is my back yard.  Pleasant enough, but truly my husband's domain.  (I'm a city girl.)

Here's one last photo of our quiet back yard.  Soon, you will see something amazing in all that empty space.  Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, your socks are incredible. They look great! I haven't been brave enough to try socks yet.

    Your back yard is so pretty. You're fortunate to have all of that open space. I'm going to check out your profile to see where you live because now I'm curious.

  2. Wow. You have a great backyard! What is that little house back there? If it is a chicken coop I will die of jealousy.

  3. It's not the ocean, but I think I may still be willing to move in. :) What a gorgeous place. I'm jealous with a capital J.

    Thank you for the shout out, Jane. Love the socks! I actually bought some of that Heart & Sole when I still lived in the city and I was quite happy with it. Surprisingly!

  4. Your socks are so pretty! I'm glad that you make socks for yourself- a lot of people just knit for other people, and I just don't think that is right! Good for you for treating yourself!

    I love your backyard! All I can think of is the lack of leaves... Did you do the clean up? Raking leaves is such a pain- especially in the pectoral muscles. Ouch!

  5. Thanks Kate. I admit I'm a bit of a selfish knitter - I LOVE to knit for myself!

    As far as the yard, I'm a bit of a sexist. My husband does all the outdoor stuff - and it is fair to say that although I do most of the indoor stuff, he has done ALL of my chores at one time or other (or pitches in to help) but I have yet to cut the lawn! (Pathetic, I know. I use the excuse that he wouldn't want me making zig zag lines all over the yard...)

  6. Jane, in regards to the PEAR project--of course you are crafty enough! There's no real requirement, just that it's harder for crafty people to find each other with some of the other comment-love projects. Gabrielle and I figured it was time that the crafty folks had their own. Please join us! We're excited to have you! http://frenchpicnic.squarespace.com/pear-cmment-sharing-project-2/

  7. Hi Jane! Welcome to French Picnic's PEAR Project! :)

  8. LOve the socks! Socks are something I have yet to master in the knitting universe!

  9. Yay they look so lovely and toasty and warm (and my confession: I have never knit a pair of socks ever! Although I do have half of a clessidra knocking about somewhere, heh)

    Your garden is amaaaaazing and I am dying of jealousy! (And making a note to myself to move to a larger country where they're not running out of space)

  10. WOW, beautiful backyard! (and great socks)



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