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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Simple Spirit Scarf

My daughter won a scarf at a carnival last year and whipped up these scarves with some scraps around the house:

They make a quick and easy gift.  For reference, this scarf is 6" x 76" and is only made out of two colors.  The original scarf Annie won had three colors and she feels it's a bit more sturdy.  The cheapest way to make this would be to buy 1/8 yard of fleece in three colors.  However, check the width of the fleece - most are about 58" wide.  Compare that to scarves you currently own and see if it would work for you.  If not, you would need to buy two yards (72") or 2 1/8 yards of three colors.  Lay the three strips on top of each other, sew one line down the middle and cut the fringe!


  1. What a cool idea! Always nice to find a simple handmade gift project. :)

  2. Whenever I would see that movie cover that the video store, I would get really excited because I thought it was a movie about knitting! But it was just a movie about rockin' older people. Which is fine, but not great when you want a movie about knitting!

    Great scarf! It looks like it would be complicated to make before you take a look at the construction! How cute!



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